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Succession Planning And Corporate Reorganization

Determining who will take over your business in the future is an important decision. Choosing the right person, and transitioning him or her into the role both carry specific legal obligations and liabilities.

At Richard A. Low & Company, our lawyers help business owners in Lethbridge, Alberta and surrounding areas define these roles and responsibilities as you transition the ownership of your business.

Solutions For Family Members Taking Over A Business

It’s very common for business owners to make provisions for their children to run their company. However, they often don’t want to burden their children with any severe liabilities, or give them certain decision-making powers before they are ready. This is why it is essential to provide legal guidelines for succession planning.

Our lawyers have over 60 years of combined experience helping business owners reorganize and modify agreements and share provisions to address the transfer of power to new owners. We can help you draft and implement new guidelines that offer better value for your children as they get more involved in the business and take on more responsibilities.

Helping You See The Bigger Legal Picture

Many companies have built up a large amount of asset value and capital gains associated with its shares. At Richard A. Low & Company, we provide legal assistance to modify share ownership, without creating future tax problems.

We pride ourselves on offering solutions that make sense for your unique situation. That’s why we make sure we educate you on all of the legal principles and legislation applicable so you understand the bigger picture and how all of the different areas interact. We provide these services to different types of corporations, including small businesses and services and manufacturing industries.

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