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Shared Legal Experience Provides Efficient And Economical Resolutions

Our law firm is our home. It's a family-run business, and this dynamic allows our clients to benefit from the combined shared experience of our lawyers for your legal matters.

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Founded in 1992, our lawyers offer over 60 years of knowledge and experience to help clients find effective solutions to their legal matters.

Our shared experience allows our lawyers to be more efficient, resolving your legal matters quickly and economically. If you need legal advice for a family dispute, and a corporate issue comes up, we can help.

Operating in Lethbridge, Alberta, we provide practical solutions for our clients to our community, surrounding cities, and other places in Alberta.

Family-Oriented Solutions For Domestic Disputes

Family values are what we've built our practice on. Our firm consists of Richard Low, his son Michael, Paul Robinson, and his son Jacob.

We help couples find solutions that will help them move on from domestic disputes, and protect the best interests of any children involved. We educate you on:

  • The legal principles involved in your matter
  • The possible outcomes available
  • The best approach that pursues your goals

We pride ourselves on being an Alberta-based law firm that focuses on helping birth parents and adoptive parents complete their adoption proceedings. We have extensive experience in identifying and protecting your parental rights, including:

  • Open and closed adoptions
  • Rights of step-parents
  • Consent of the birth parents
  • Changes of heart and revocation periods

Effective Legal Support For Businesses

We are very efficient at identifying the key legal needs of business owners. After 25 years helping clients start, amend and maintain their businesses, we can focus on the real issues at hand and offer effective legal advice and strategies.

Our support goes beyond finding you the right business solutions and structures. We don't want to create a plan that will not be useful for you or your business. We help you implement your plans in a way that uniquely addresses your goals.

Whether you are a new entrepreneur or a seasoned owner of an established corporation, Richard A. Low & Company, LLP will provide effective legal assistance for your business.

What Our Clients Say

"We put Richard Low's law firm to a difficult test and they passed with flying colors. We decided to buy a house with in 2 weeks of viewing it for the first time. This gave the law office exactly 14 days to do all the work necessary to get us in our new house. Not only did they pull it off, but Michael Low, and Paul Robinson were extremely helpful in answering our many questions along the way. They got us out of a jam and into a new house. Great work."

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