Business Incorporation
Using Over 60 Years Of Legal Experience
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Navigating You Through The Complexities Of Incorporating Your Business

Deciding to incorporate your business means you are creating a new, separate entity with legal rights and responsibilities. Decisions about ownership, tax strategies and share provisions need to be examined in order to find the structure that works best for your business needs.

At Richard A. Low & Company, our lawyers have assisted clients throughout Lethbridge, Alberta and surrounding communities, and other places in Alberta, with incorporating their businesses and implementing strategies that suit their goals.

Legal Support For New Business Owners

With over 60 years of combined legal experience, our lawyers have experience in navigating every type of corporate situation. We leverage this experience by providing clients with a more expedient process – we can identify legal issues quickly, and the options you have at your disposal to resolve them.

We help new business owners determine which corporate structures will be most effective for their needs, including:

  • Beneficial tax structures
  • Drafting effective shareholder agreements
  • Identifying liability issues for corporate owners
  • The rights and privileges of family members as shareholders

The Benefits Of Our Family Dynamic

As a family-run law firm, the unity of our family dynamic means we always consult with each other so you have the best solution or recommendation at your disposal. We are efficient at identifying your business needs, and the solutions to best meet them, which reduces time and expenses.

We want you involved the process as much as possible, so we take the time to educate you on the applicable business legislation and case law so you know as much about your legal matter as we do. This way, you can properly advise us on how you would like to proceed, and understand the options you can pursue.

Tell Us About Your Corporate Needs

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