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Know Your Rights During An Adoption Proceeding

Richard A. Low & Company leverage their knowledge and experience of adoption laws to clearly outline the adoption process to you. Our lawyers understand how to effectively assert your rights as adoptive or birth parents. Located in Lethbridge, Alberta, our firm will effectively guide you on issues such as:

  • How the adoption process works
  • The difference between the rights of both birth parents
  • The birth mother’s rights after adoption
  • The ability of the birth mother to revoke her consent in the future
  • Coercion, and other factors that may impact the adoption process

Legal Advice For Step-Parents

Adoption has its own unique legislation in Alberta. Our firm can provide you with specific legal advice and navigation through a situation where a new husband, wife or common-law spouse wishes to adopt their partner’s child.

Under Alberta laws, we understand how much strength an opposing argument has if someone wishes to contest an adoption. For example, a birth father that has not cohabited with the birth mother for a period of time, or may not have had any contact with the child, may not have the right to challenge another person wanting to adopt his child.

Identify, Explain And Protect Your Rights

Our firm is dedicated to making the legal process as seamless and straightforward as possible for both parties. However, we do not act as an intermediary between adoptive parents and the birth mothers. That process is handled by licensed, adoptive services organizations.

Our role is to make sure the rights of adoptive parents, or the rights of the birth parents, are adequately identified, explained and protected in any arrangement. We will clearly outline how long the process will take, the costs involved and answer questions around closed or open adoption agreements.

Protect Your Interests

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