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Representing Your Interests In Personal Injury Claims

When you suffer injuries as a result of an accident, your first concern is how are you going to recover. Severe injuries, such as brain damage and concussions, may impact your ability to continue with your regular routines. Whiplash injuries may result in long-term chronic pain if left untreated.

At Richard A. Low & Company, we understand how devastating a personal injury can be to you and your loved ones. With over 60 years of combined experience serving the Lethbridge, Alberta community, we offer legal support to pursue the relief measures you need in order to make as full a recovery as possible.

Different Types of Injuries And Accidents

Injuries can range from muscle damage and fractures to spinal cord injuries and fatalities. Symptoms may not appear right away, as long-term consequences sometimes take days or weeks to surface.

Generally, injuries are suffered through accidents such as slip and falls, pedestrian or bicycle injuries, or motor vehicle collisions. In either scenario, you may be entitled to receive some recovery measures, whether it’s from your own insurance provider or the at-fault party.

Legal Support To Pursue Compensation

Personal injury claims are not about a large financial settlement. They are about making sure that you have all the access to medical treatment and support necessary in order to recuperate.

As a family-run law firm, we appreciate this concern for loved ones. That is why we focus on the resources and healthcare options you need to get well and live comfortably. We navigate you through your insurance policy and the at-fault party’s insurance policy to make sure you receive adequate compensation for your injuries and lifestyle changes.

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