Motor Vehicle Accidents
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Guiding You Through The Legal Process For Motor Vehicle Accidents

Cars, trucks and other types of motor vehicles all share the roads, crosswalks, driveways and intersections with other motorists, pedestrians and cyclists. When accidents occur, it’s important to identify who’s hurt, the extent of their injuries, and what care they need for treatment.

At Richard A. Low & Company, our lawyers offer legal support for individuals injured in a car collision or other motor vehicle accident. Based in Lethbridge, Alberta, we help you pursue adequate compensation so you can focus on regaining your health.

Compensation Is About The Care You Need

After a car accident, we will have a comprehensive discussion with you about the details of your accident. We will make sure we present an accurate portrayal of what your life was like before the accident, and how your injuries have affected your lifestyle.

We will consult with your doctors, valuation experts and other professionals to determine what resources you require. Our goal is to pursue an outcome that will give you access to what you need.

Holding Your Insurer Accountable

Obtaining adequate compensation through an insurance company after a motor vehicle accident can be a complex process, depending on the situation. Our goal is to advocate for your rights to access the resources you need to treat your injuries.

We will help you understand how your injuries fit into an insurance policy, and what coverage you can receive based on your specific details. This way, you can focus on getting better while we protect your legal interests.

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