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4 resources that can help you adjust to life after divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2021 | Family Law |

During a divorce, individuals can be in contact with numerous people helping them navigate the process. After the divorce is final, people may find that they miss these resources.

Thankfully, there are several people who can provide help and support in life after divorce

  1. A counsellor or therapist: Too often, people minimize or misunderstand their emotional and psychological needs after a significant life event. Thus, people often benefit from talking to someone like a therapist during and after a divorce. Whether the process was amicable or contentious, divorce takes a toll on people’s mental health. Talking with a professional can help you cope with this change and move forward in a positive direction.
  2. Your lawyer: A legal representative is not only helpful during the divorce process. They can also be a sound advocate in the months and years following a split. Questions can arise regarding support payments; parents may need to request custody modification; business affair issues can trigger conflicts. In these situations, your lawyer can provide the guidance and support you need to make informed legal decisions.
  3. Support groups: Divorce can leave people feeling isolated and lost, especially during a pandemic. However, there are numerous support groups that meet in person or online, such as those found here and here. These groups connect people with similar interests or experiences and can help individuals feel less alone.
  4. Loved ones: Your friends and family can be the most valuable people to help you adjust to life after divorce. They could help with childcare from time to time; they could be a shoulder to cry on; they could be a fun distraction if you need a pick-me-up. Prioritizing these relationships can help you confront challenges after ending your marital relationship.

These parties can be a meaningful part of your post-divorce journey, allowing you to overcome the adjustments and obstacles that may lay ahead. Understand that moving forward after a divorce doesn’t happen just because you have a final settlement, and you need not go through this challenging time alone.

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