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Mediating custody matters has several benefits

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2023 | Family Law |

Ending a relationship can be incredibly difficult when you share children. While you are breaking up with each other, you will still be in each other’s lives if you are going to continue to raise your kids together.

Because of this complicated dynamic, mediating child-related matters can seem impossible. However, mediating these disputes can have tremendous benefits.

Keeping things peaceful

Mediating a divorce can minimize the need for and tendency toward fighting. Parents in high-conflict disputes where they can’t communicate effectively or work together can face emotional and psychological effects long after a bitter legal battle ends.

With mediation, the priority is on reaching agreements together. This method encourages cooperation, compromise and communication rather than pitting parents against each other. 

Setting a good example for your kids

Kids are highly impressionable and can learn a lot about relationships, respect and dealing with conflict through your split. 

Participating in mediation allows you to set a good example for them by illustrating how to work with others to solve problems. It also can help them feel less anxious, unstable and scared when they see you both cooperating.

Preserving your resources

Litigating child custody matters takes an incredible amount of time, money and energy. And if you are like most parents, you don’t want to waste any of these resources. 

Mediating makes it easier for parents to reach solutions faster, with fewer legal expenses and without having to prepare for a contentious legal battle. 

Reaching more satisfying solutions

You might think getting a “win” from a judge will help you feel satisfied with your outcome. However, it can be far more rewarding to have control over your custody arrangements.

In mediation, you are in charge of designing your plan and can be creative. You also know your situation better than anyone. As such, the solutions you reach through this process can better reflect your wishes and what is in your child’s best interests.

Recognizing the numerous benefits of mediation can help you approach the situation with hope and make it easier to resolve complicated child-related issues after divorce.

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