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Heading for a contentious divorce? How you can prepare

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2022 | Family Law |

If you suspect that your divorce will be anything less than amicable, there are some ways you can prepare so that you feel more confident and protected as you navigate this process.

Know your rights

Too often, people listen to friends who have been through a divorce or believe what they see in movies or TV. However, these sources can skew reality and oversimplify legal aspects.

Rather than go off of what you glean from others, you can take the time to review what the laws in your province say on family legal matters like child custody and financial support. Even having a general understanding can help you anticipate outcomes and have realistic expectations.

And of course, your lawyer will also be a valuable source of guidance regarding your rights and the legal process.

Get organized

When one person is more thoroughly prepared for a divorce, they can make clearer arguments and have the upper hand in negotiations.

Thus, organizing your paperwork before a mediation session or hearing can be wise. Collect financial statements and bank records; make notes of your child’s routine and expenses. Have any police reports, incriminating emails or other indications of abuse or violence on hand.

Proper documentation makes it more difficult to cast doubt or argue over the facts.

Don’t let your emotions take control

When someone is looking for a fight during a divorce or wants to make it as difficult as possible, they often know the buttons to push with the other person. However, you can stop this from happening by keeping your emotions in check and not falling for their tactics.

Rising above this is a challenge for many. People often want to fight back, stand up for themselves or correct mistruths. But the way to do this during a divorce is not to lash out at the other person.

You can prevent the pitfalls of emotionally-charged responses by minimizing direct contact with the other person and communicating through your lawyers. You might also want to get off social media and refrain from talking to your kids about the divorce to maintain a clear head.

Protect yourself

Contentious divorces can be especially complicated. Thus, protecting yourself can be crucial. You can do this by having legal representation, seeking temporary Court orders and requesting a restraining order, if necessary.

These measures can help you navigate your divorce more peacefully. 

When you need legal help, we are here for you.