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Beware of the Glare: Summer Driving Safety Tips

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Warm weather is finally here. And that means more time spent outside, such as summer road trips, more evening and weekend activities, no school for youths, and longer hours of sunlight.

Under these circumstances, it’s important for drivers to refresh themselves on seasonal driving safety tips.

As presented by the Canadian Automobile Association, there are many ways to prepare your car for the summer weather. We’ve scanned the list, and identified a few important considerations to highlight before you get behind the wheel on a sunny day.

  • More traffic: There are more people out and about in the summer. This means more pedestrians, cyclists, skateboarders, roller-blading and outdoor sports and activities. If children are playing with a ball on their driveway and it rolls into the street, they are most likely focused on getting the ball back, not on looking both ways before they dart onto the road. Make sure you take extra care in the summer hours, especially on residential streets.
  • Avoid distractions: With more activities to do in the summer, friends and family may be texting or calling you to see if you’re on your way. Put down the phone. Don’t take your eyes off the road to touch-up your make-up or fix your hair. Wait until you are safely parked before you turn your attention to non-driving tasks.
  • Beware of the glare: The sun is going to make it difficult to see straight ahead, or in your rear-view mirrors, or through your windows. Make sure you don’t follow other cars too closely. Leave yourself room for sudden merges or braking. Take full advantage of sunglasses and the driver seat visor.

But the most important tip to remember to avoid serious injuries anytime of the year is to always wear your seatbelt. If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, it’s best advised to consult a personal injury law firm. A lawyer will be able to advise you on your options for pursuing compensation and other insurance benefits.

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